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February 21, 2018
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Migration magnetism: Five facts about 2017 state-to-state population movement

February 14, 2018
The flows of people across state boundaries—domestic migration—is of particular interest to a host of people: businesses feeling the pain of labor shortages, Census 2020 watchers wondering how Congressional seats will be reallocated, and even those for whom it’s a point of state pride. Netting 161,000 new residents from other states, Florida was the domestic migration champ in 2017. Second-place Texas had half as many domestic migrants (79,000). Next in line, North Carolina and Washington each acquired about 65,000 transplants in 2017, with Arizona just behind.
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Male, Female, or Something Else?

February 8, 2018
Caitlyn Jenner. Bathroom bans and related boycotts. Amazon Prime’s Golden Globe winning Transparent series. President Trump’s (now overturned) order excluding transgendered individuals from the military. It is safe to say that questioning the traditional male-female gender binary is now part of our national dialogue. Other researchers and many of those working in public health are among those calling for more and better measurement of the nation’s gender diversity. Like other relatively small and difficult-to-estimate populations—those experiencing homelessness, some immigrant populations, the rare true geniuses that walk amongst us—getting some idea of the population size is but one step in helping to understand their unique needs and contributions.
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Just over half of Minnesotans report personal financial progress over the decade

January 29, 2018
Underneath the headline indicators, we know there are numerous untold economic stories. When we designed the MPR News | APM Research Lab Ground Level Survey, we were especially curious about Minnesotans’ sense of their financial circumstances and whether they felt they had improved or deteriorated since 2007—just preceding the financial crisis and subsequent recession with its long tail. Many of those north of the poverty line still fear they are in precarious financial straits.
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Improving the news--and building democracy--in 2018 (and beyond)

January 25, 2018
It has been a little disheartening to see the recent spate of reports on mistrust in the news media. How can we rebuild trust in America's essential fourth estate? I suspect that some combination of listening to others, presenting solidly-researched information, and being as transparent as possible will help. And that is just what we've been doing in our first major project: the Ground Level Survey with Minnesota Public Radio News.

QUIZ: Is Minnesota on the right or wrong track?

January 24, 2018
In the MPR News | APM Research Lab Ground Level Survey, we asked Minnesotans whether they thought Minnesota was on the right or wrong track for nine issue areas: from education to health care to immigration and more. Take our 5-question quiz to see if you know what your neighbors said—and whether you agree with them!
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Minnesotans: United on water, divided on immigration

January 16, 2018
If Minnesota competed in a pageant, it might take the “Optimism” crown—if that were even a thing. The Ground Level Survey that we recently completed with Minnesota Public Radio News found that 82 percent of Minnesotans feel hopeful about the state’s future. What’s more, most Minnesotans feel the state is on the right track on an array of issues. At the high end of agreement, 85 percent of Minnesotans feel the state is on the right track when it comes to “providing safe drinking water,” followed closely by “protecting lakes and rivers for things like swimming, boating, and fishing” at 80 percent.
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Do more Minnesotans want lower taxes, or services that require taxes?

January 3, 2018
“I don’t know off the top of my head. Lowering taxes.” That was one response to the broadest open-ended question on the recent MPR News | APM Research Lab Ground Level Survey. The question was about change. It asked: “If there is ONE thing that you would like to see changed in Minnesota to improve our state, what would that be?” But “lower my taxes” strikes me as a simplification. While reading through all of the responses, I was taken by how many people wanted a change that would require taxes.

Happy Holidays from the APM Research Lab!

December 20, 2017
This holiday season Andi, Kassira, and I are feeling grateful to the collaboration and support we have received in the Lab’s first half year of existence. We’ve benefited from the wise counsel of many formal and informal advisers. To close out the year, try your hand at our first quiz.
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In the U.S., language diversity covers the map

December 13, 2017
Did you know that 17,000 residents of Tennesseans speak Arabic? And 177,000 residents of Illinois converse in Polish? Just as glaciers transformed our nation’s physical landscape thousands of years ago, the immigration patterns of the past three centuries—right up to the present—have left their mark on the varied linguistic patterns across the United States.
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Data Literacy 101: Did enrollment drop in Rhode Island’s private preschools?

December 8, 2017
Of all Rhode Island children enrolled in preschool, the percent in private settings dropped five percentage points between 2015 and 2016. Or did it? When a change is “statistically significant,” we can be reasonably confident that the change is real. We use statistics to help us understand an entire population from a sample. Think of a pot of chicken noodle soup. Assuming the pot is well-stirred, you can make a pretty good estimate based on one ladle of soup.
MPR News | APM Research Lab 2017 Ground Level Survey of Minnesotans

Minnesotans are feeling hopeful. Mostly.

November 21, 2017
We recently partnered with Minnesota Public Radio News to conduct the wide-ranging Ground Level Survey of Minnesotans. We asked a scientifically representative sample of 1,654 Minnesotans “When you think about Minnesota, are you generally hopeful or fearful about the future?” and here are five takeaways…
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Undercounting the poor by 4 million

November 2, 2017
This September the U.S. Census Bureau announced that 40.6 million Americans officially live in poverty. In the same announcement the Bureau reported that 44.8 million Americans live in poverty. Huh? The difference lies in the way poverty is defined.

Clocking Out Early

October 25, 2017
Whether donning stethoscopes or steel-toed boots, the men and women of Minnesota are serious about working. Prior to age 60, Minnesota boasts a nation-leading labor force participation rate. But why are older Minnesotans entering full retirement more quickly than many older adults across the nation? One heartening theory: Minnesota’s older adults may be more economically secure, with more retirement savings, than late-career workers across much of the nation.
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Doubling down on credibility

October 12, 2017
Why would a media company want to establish a research division? Not a market research division, mind you, but a unit dedicated to bringing the scientific method to better understanding the social and economic world around us?