APM Fact Fund

We invite you to join American Public Media as a partner in securing the vital role of facts, research, and analysis as a crucial bedrock for the important policy discussions of our day. Your investment in the Fact Fund will ensure that the work of the APM Research Lab, established with donor-provided seed funding in 2017, continues to grow.

APM aims to enrich the mind and nourish the spirit, thereby assisting our audiences to enhance their lives, expand perspectives and strengthen their communities.

Adding a research division helps us meet that mission by strengthening the information we provide for our audiences. We are, in effect, doubling down on credibility.
— APM President and CEO, Jon McTaggart

Why invest?

Facts are more important than ever. The continued proliferation of severely biased and outright false information calls for truly trustworthy research and analysis, free of political motives.

The APM Research Lab has proven valuable. In its first year and a half of operations, the Lab was cited by 26 different news outlets in 90 news stories; launched the most comprehensive survey ever done by Minnesota Public Radio News; completed two national surveys; and produced ground-breaking interactives that helped to inform the 2018 mid-term elections.

More needs to be done! The Lab is developing an ambitious agenda, that includes developing more ways of connecting more people with more research and analysis that matters for their lives.

Here are just a few of the ideas that you can help bring to fruition:


Research forums

Building off of the success that Minnesota Public Radio has established with Conversations on the Creative Economy, Policy and a Pint, and Talking Volumes, and modeled in part after the national successes of TED talks and the Aspen Ideas Festival, we would like to regularly host forums that inspire audiences, spark dialogue, and help inform the public about important matters of public policy.


Over the past few years the popularity of podcasts has grown exponentially. With enough investment we could establish a podcast series that helps people understand important studies that they wish they had time to read, in an engaging format that compels them to listen. Each episode could begin by highlighting a particularly important, interesting, or surprising finding, then connect the dots to why a particular line of research matters.

The APM Survey

Poll results show up regularly in the news. But we think now is a good time for public media to put a stake in the ground for regularly and directly hearing from all Americans—in the form of scientifically representative national surveys. On-going surveys would allow us to keep a pulse on what the nation thinks about breaking issues as well as more enduring concerns in areas possibly ranging from family life, religion, and health, to work, technology, and public policy.

Representing US

Elections are about the American public—or should be! The APM Research Lab has established an on-line interactive providing easy access to the demographic make-up and recent voting history of each of the nation’s 435 Congressional Districts, in zoomable maps and sortable graphs. Already a powerful tool, even more could be done to supplement this platform with additional analysis and enhancements—to help hold candidates, and political election news coverage, more accountable to serving the people they are there to represent.

How do I get involved?

Investing is easy just e-mail info@apmresearchlab.org with the subject line fact fund. Both individual and organizational investors are welcome and will be recognized as supporters in the fiscal year of their contribution. Those who invest from now through the end of 2019 will be recognized as founding members of the fact fund.

In addition, the APM Research Lab is available for consultation on specific projects. Whether you need help with surveys, demographic analyses, making sense of relevant academic literature, consultation on research design, or someone to present to your group or event, contact us:

info@apmresearchlab.org | (651) 290-1219