The APM Research Lab: Bringing facts into focus

The APM Research Lab is generously supported by an anonymous fund of the Dorsey & Whitney Foundation.

Our Mission: To foster an engaged democracy by inspiring curiosity, inquiry and discussion through fact-driven, credible research and analysis.

Our Values: Independent, Useful, Informative, Non-partisan

The APM Research Lab is home to a team of researchers and analysts who inform and equip the communities we serve with both original and curated research, facts and analysis. This work helps inform journalists, civic and business leaders, and others who want to know what the best data and the best research has to say about challenges and opportunities facing families, communities, and organizations throughout the nation.

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The Research Lab augments the work of other members of the American Public Media Group family, including Marketplace, APM Reports, Minnesota Public Radio News, Southern California Public Radio, the Water Main, and Call to Mind.