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How Californians self-identify when asked about their ethnic roots (LAist, October 15, 2019)

Minnesota’s racial, ethnic diversity grows even as immigration slows (Sahan Journal, October 15, 2019)

In Minnesota, 4 out of 5 gun deaths are suicides (MPR, October 7, 2019)

Survey: Americans Think Most Gun Deaths are Murders (They’re Not) (The Washington Free Beacon, October 6, 2019)

Most Americans Believe Mass Shootings Are More Common Than Suicides (Daily Bulletin, October 4, 2019)

Representing U.S: Which House members support impeachment? (MPR, October 3, 2019)

After Two Young Students Brought Weapons To A Colorado Springs School Within A Week, People Are Asking How To Keep Guns Away From Kids (CPR, October 3, 2019)

Colorado Edition: Two Sides Of The Same Coin (KUNC, October 2, 2019)

Poll: Most Americans Support Safe Gun Storage Laws (OPB News, Blog, October 2, 2019)

Most Americans Support Safe Gun Storage Laws, According To New Poll (WUNC, October 2, 2019)

Unlocked and Loaded? Crime, Suicide And Improper Gun Storage (BPR, October 2, 2019)

Gun control debate displays differences among House District 94 candidates (Mid-City Messenger, October 2, 2019)

Guns And America: Cable Locks And Suicide (1A, October 1, 2019)

Most Americans Support Safe Gun Storage Laws, According To New Poll (Guns & America, October 1, 2019)

The Majority Of U.S. Gun Deaths Are Suicides, But A New Poll Suggests Few Americans Know It (Guns & America, October 1, 2019)

The financial toll of caring for aging parents as an only child (Market Place, September 25, 2019)

As Congress Looks To Red Flag Laws, Illinois Tries To Enforce Its Own (WGLT, September 16, 2019)

Kara Hope: There’s no excuse for Michigan Republicans failing to act on common-sense gun reform (Michigan Advance, September 10, 2019, Opinion Piece)

More states allowing gun seizures amid plague of mass shootings (Roll Call, September 11, 2019)

By the numbers: Is college worth the cost? (PolitiFact, September 5, 2019)

Red-flag laws can help stem gun violence (, September 5, 2019)

Red flag laws spur debate over due process (Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, September 5, 2019)

8 New Gun Laws Take Effect In Texas Sept. 1 (Guns & America, September 1, 2019)

New Jersey's red-flag law takes effect Sunday, but will it help prevent gun violence? (, August 30, 2019)

Red flag of courage (Sacramento News & Review, August 29, 2019)

Most Americans favor ‘red flag’ gun laws like one in Massachusetts (South Coast Today, August 24, 2019)

Sen. Coons renews call for Congress to pass gun legislation (Delaware Public Media, August 22, 2019)

Not a Republican or Democrat issue. ‘It’s a people issue’ says woman shot by brother (WXIA News, August 22, 2019)

West Texans weigh in on Red Flag poll (KMID News, August 22, 2019)

Michael Dowling: Where are healthcare CEOs in the fight against gun violence? (Becker’s Hospital Review, August 22, 2019)

Could red flag laws prevent mass shootings — and gun violence in general? Experts weigh in (Mic, August 22, 2019)

Poll: Americans, Including Republicans And Gun Owners, Broadly Support Red Flag Laws (NPR Politics Podcast, August 21, 2019)

Popular support leans toward reasonable gun control measures, but Trump is backing down (Washington Examiner, August 21, 2019)

A majority of Republicans join Democrats in backing red-flag gun laws (MarketWatch, August 21, 2019)

Study: California red flag law could be helping to prevent mass shootings (KSBY News, August 20, 2019)

Most Republicans, and gun owners overall, favor red flag laws, poll says (The Blaze, August 20, 2019)

Most Americans favor ‘Red Flag’ gun laws, survey says (Greenfield Recorder, August 20, 2019)

Large majority of Americans support 'red flag' gun laws: Poll (Washington Examiner, August 20, 2019)

Two-thirds of Republicans support 'red flag' gun laws (The Hill, August 20, 2019)

Who Supports Red Flag Laws? (1A, August 20, 2019)

Poll: Americans, Including Republicans And Gun Owners, Broadly Support Red Flag Laws (NPR Morning Edition interview with Guns & America reporter, Leigh Paterson, about the ‘red flag’ survey, August 20, 2019)

Poll: Americans, Including Republicans And Gun Owners, Broadly Support Red Flag Laws (Guns & America, August 20, 2019)

As immigrants stream to suburbs, leaders dig deep to meet their needs (Sahan Journal, August 15, 2019)

Lured by jobs and housing, Karen refugees spread across Minnesota (MPR News, August 13, 2019)

‘Telling their stories’: Minnesota’s new immigrants get their own front page (MPR News, August 12, 2019)

Lowry Nature Center celebrates 50 years of making the outdoors accessible to all (Southwest News Media, August 7, 2019)

Survey reveals how much free time Americans spend in nature (Bemidji Pioneer, August 1, 2019)

9 benefits of getting a college degree (, July 31, 2019)

Americans want to spend time outdoors, but work stands in the way (MPR News, July 15, 2019)

TCB Q&A: Jon McTaggart: A deep dive into MPR's multi-faceted efforts to stay relevant in a new media landscape (Twin Cities Business, July 1, 2019)

Other countries show opportunity when it comes to millennial savings (The Ticker, June 28, 2019)

The push for rent control grows beyond big cities (Marketplace, June 13, 2019)

Authors discuss new book on inequities facing students and institutions (Inside Higher Ed, June 12, 2019)

Ask a ‘sotan: How racially diverse is Minnesota? (MPR News, June 3, 2019)

How bad is Minnesota’s student-debt situation? (MinnPost, May 13, 2019)

How the 2020 census citizenship question could fuel gerrymandering (Bustle, April 21, 2019)

The opioid epidemic in 5 charts (Marketplace, April 9, 2019)

Republicans want census data on citizenship for redistricting (Reuters, April 8, 2019)

West Virginia joins around 20 states offering free college (Education Dive, April 2, 2019)

Breakthrough media survey finds gaps (University of St. Thomas, March 2019)

Survey: Minnesota media pros say industry has a problem with racial bias (MPR News, March 18, 2019)

Higher education resources (Illinois State University, March 18, 2019)

Survey: Should public higher ed be free? And is 4-year college degree worth the cost? (MPR News, March 15, 2019)

Americans support free college yet think 4-year degrees worth the price (Education Dive, March 14, 2019)

Despite high costs, new poll shows most young adults think a four-year degree is worth it (The Hechinger Report, March 11, 2019)

Most adults don’t think state funding to higher ed is down (Education Dive, February 26, 2019)

Most Americans don’t realize state funding for higher ed fell by billions (PBS Newshour, February 26, 2019)

Most Americans think government support for public colleges is rising or flat. They’re wrong. (The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 25, 2019)

The Super Bowl helped Atlanta’s rep, but future hosts can’t count on the same, survey finds (WABE, February 25, 2019)

Americans don’t realize state funding for higher ed is falling, new poll finds (Hechinger Report, February 25, 2019)

Majority of Americans don’t know that government has cut billions from higher education funding (APM Reports, February 25, 2019)

Jump starting your career in a tight labor market (MN DEED, February 11, 2019)

A Decade After Great Recession, Most Cleveland Households Rent (Ideastream, January 16, 2019)

Why renting is up and homeownership is down in ‘affordable’ Cleveland (Marketplace, January 3, 2019)

Study: Great Recession to Blame for Falling Black Homeownership Rates, Swelling Rental Market in Twin Cities (Atlanta Black Star, January 2, 2019)

Map: Black homeownership rates in Twin Cities are among the lowest in the U.S. (MPR News, December 20, 2018)

Divided Decade: How the financial crisis changed housing (Marketplace, December 17, 2018)

We were mistaken; we regret it (Builder, December 4, 2018)

As Rochester grows, ‘trailing spouses’ still struggle to find work (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 19, 2018)

Research looks at American perception on water (WaterWorld; November 13, 2018)

Qualitative Research from APM Research Lab, Wilder Research offers national perspectives (ForesterNetwork; November 12, 2018)

Election exposes deep divide in St. Cloud over refugees (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 12, 2018)

MPR News election night live blog (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 6, 2018)

Facebook Live: Minnesota poll: Attorney general race, #MeToo and your questions (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 1, 2018)

Record number of women running for Congress, including 10 in Minnesota (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 1, 2018)

2 maps tell (almost) everything about Minnesota’s voting population (Minnesota Public Radio News; October 31, 2018)

Number of renters in Philadelphia jumps dramatically over the course of a decade (The Daily Pennsylvanian; October 25, 2018)

Poll: Most Minnesota voters disagree with Trump on immigration (Minnesota Public Radio News; October 25, 2018)

Poll: Trump trade policies divide Minnesota voters (Minnesota Public Radio News; October 24, 2018)

Poll: Kavanaugh, #MeToo loom large in 2018 Minnesota races (Minnesota Public Radio News; October 23, 2018)

Poll: Wardlow moves ahead of Ellison in MN attorney general race (Minnesota Public Radio News; October 22, 2018)

New poll: Klobuchar, Smith lead in Minnesota Senate races (Minnesota Public Radio News; October 21, 2018)

Walz leads, but Minnesota governor’s race has tightened (Minnesota Public Radio News; October 20, 2018)

We're in the danger zone of distrust (Star Tribune; October 19, 2018)

Facebook Live: #AskMPRnews about the midterm election (Minnesota Public Radio News; October 18, 2018)

New data shows Philadelphia renter spike sharper than other big cities (WHYY/PlanPhillly; October 16, 2018)

The rise of renters (Marketplace; October 16, 2018)

Policast Podcast: Making sense of some of the polls this campaign season (Minnesota Public Radio News; October 14, 2018)

Facebook Live: Dive Deep on voter demographics (Minnesota Public Radio News; October 10, 2018)

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Southwest metro voters up for grabs (Eden Prairie News; September 27, 2018)

Facebook Live: #AskMPRnews about this week’s poll on Minnesota election (Minnesota Public Radio News; September 21, 2018)

Politics Friday: 4th Congressional District candidates debate (Minnesota Public Radio News; September 21, 2018)

Half of likely voters in Minnesota oppose impeachment (Star Tribune; September 21, 2018)

Love or hate, Trump looms large for Minnesotans in 2018 election (Minnesota Public Radio News; September 20, 2018)

Trump’s job approval drops to 30 percent in Minnesota (Minnesota Public Radio News; September 19, 2018)

Minnesota AG race close as Ellison abuse accusation lingers (Minnesota Public Radio News; September 18, 2018)

Tim Walz leads Jeff Johnson in governor’s race (Star Tribune; September 16, 2018)

Klobuchar, Smith on track to stay in Senate  (Minnesota Public Radio News; September 16, 2018) 

Walz up by 9 in governor’s race, but fence-sitters abound (Minnesota Public Radio News; September 15, 2018) 

Census: Black, Latino Minnesotans share in broad income gains (Minnesota Public Radio News; September 15, 2018) 

Young voters, claim your power (Boston Globe; September 7, 2018)

Are Tech Startups Shaping Real Estate Markets? (Part II) (activerain; September 4, 2018)

Research Firm maps out Florida voter differences by congressional district (Florida Politics; August 26, 2018)

Facebook Live: Understanding Minnesota Voters (Minnesota Public Radio News; August 16, 2018)

All political eyes now on Minnesota's 8th District (Minnesota Public Radio News; August 15, 2018)

Are demographics destiny in the 5th District? (Minnesota Public Radio News; August 7, 2018)

Workforce shortage ahead: Groups seek policy agenda to bridge urban, rural economic divide (AGWEEK via Forum News Service; June 29, 2018)

Conference focuses on building connections for a better Minnesota (The Marshall Independent; June 29, 2018)

Survey: Americans say unions good for U.S. but split on required dues (Minnesota Public Radio News; June 27, 2018)

MPR News reporters Brian Bakst and Briana Bierschbach quiz Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer about Minnesota’s congressional districts (Audio from Minnesota Public Radio News; June 26, 2018)

5 reasons why Minnesota is a state to watch in the 2018 election (Minnesota Public Radio News; June 26, 2018)

Find out how your neighbors voted thanks to these election data nerdery tools (Southern California Public Radio on LAist; June 26, 2018)

Exclusive: Poll Shows Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Would Support Supreme Court Striking Down Mandatory Union Dues in Janus Case; Majority of Union Households Agree (The 74; June 20, 2018)

Changing rural narratives: A Ground Level conversation in Grand Rapids (Minnesota Public Radio News; June 18, 2018)

Taking America’s temperature on unions (Audio interview: Marketplace Morning Report; June 14, 2018)

Ground Level: Is Minnesota on the right track for clean water? (Minnesota Public Radio News; April 2, 2018)

Minnesota’s population grows, but not everywhere (Minnesota Public Radio News; March 28, 2018)

Minnesota Public Radio reaches out in Somali, and community listens (Poynter; March 6, 2018)

Winter Wonderland vs. Frozen Tundra: Did Super Bowl LII make us famous in a good way, or…? (Pioneer Press; February 26, 2018)

Non-Minnesotans weigh in on state after hosting Super Bowl (24-7 Sports; February 23, 2018)

Outsiders kind of knew the Super Bowl was in Minnesota and say they like us, maybe (RandBall blog, StarTribune; February 20, 2018)

Minnesota es un buen destino para vacacionar (Univision Minnesota; February 20, 2018)

Survey: Half of U.S. aware we hosted the Super Bowl, 37 percent think we looked cool (City Pages; February 19, 2018)

Survey: More Americans See Mpls. As Good Place To Visit After Super Bowl (CBS Minnesota / WCCO TV; February 19, 2018)

Survey: Super Bowl coverage leaves favorable impression of Minneapolis (Minnesota Public Radio News; February 19, 2018)

APM Research Lab with Craig Helmstetter (Next In Nonprofits podcast; January 30, 2018)

Ground Level: Friends, neighbors often don't cross race lines in Minn. (Minnesota Public Radio News; January 15, 2018)

Whites surprised by poll showing Blacks more hopeful (Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder; January 10, 2018)

Ground Level: Minnesotans deeply skeptical of state government (Minnesota Public Radio News; January 2, 2018)

Ground Level: What's 1 thing you want changed in Minnesota in 2018? (Minnesota Public Radio News; December 26, 2017)

Minnesota is at serious risk of losing seat in Congress (Minnesota Public Radio News; December 20, 2017)

Ground Level: Two churches. One God. Different politics (Minnesota Public Radio News; December 20, 2017)

Ground Level: Here and elsewhere, people of faith lean Republican (Minnesota Public Radio News; December 18, 2017)

Polyglot, MN: Census shows Minnesota increasingly multilingual (Minnesota Public Radio News; December 7, 2017)

Ground Level: Most Minnesotans see state taxes as good value (Minnesota Public Radio News; December 6, 2017)

Minnesotans Give Local Health Care System Good Marks (Twin Cities Business Magazine; November 22, 2017)

Franken's Minnesota support dims amid sexual misconduct claims (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 22, 2017)

How much do Minnesotans trust the media? (KARE 11; November 21; 2017)

Facebook Live: Ground Level: Minnesotans share their views on the key issues (Minnesota Public Radio; November 20, 2017)

Ground Level: Minnesotans love their health care, but not all is well (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 16, 2017)

Ground Level: Tom Weber radio show, “Is Minnesota on the right track when it comes to immigration?” Note: Search by title on the podcast page. (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 15, 2017)

Ground Level: On immigration issues, Minnesota shows deep divides (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 15, 2017)

Ground Level: Tom Weber radio show, “How much do you trust Minnesota's institutions?” Note: Search by title on the podcast page. (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 14, 2017)

Ground Level: Unfit to print? Minnesotans deeply skeptical of mainstream media (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 14, 2017)

Ground Level: Minnesotans' trust in police is deep but divided (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 14, 2017)

Ground Level: Tom Weber radio show, “How hopeful are you about the future of Minnesota?” Note: Search by title on the podcast page. (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 13, 2017)

Ground Level: Minnesotans upbeat even as problems, politics swirl (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 13, 2017)

Ground Level: About this project (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 9, 2017)

Ground Level Homepage (Minnesota Public Radio News; November 9, 2017)

Study shows Minnesotans' work ethic may expire early (Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal; October 27, 2017)

Clocking out early: Minnesotans don't want to work so hard after they turn 60 (Minnesota Public Radio News; October 27, 2017)

MN industry leaders want more immigrant workers as restrictive policies loom (Minnesota Public Radio News; September 14, 2017)

1 in 4 in Imperial County lives in poverty (Southern California Public Radio; September 14, 2017)

Minn. makes economic gains, but racial disparities persist: 5 census survey takeaways (Minnesota Public Radio News; September 14, 2017)

Signs of economic progress for black Minnesotans, but wide poverty gaps remain (Minnesota Public Radio News; September 14, 2017)