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The APM Research Lab produces credible research, surveys, demographic analysis and more. We partner with newsrooms and others interested in producing nonpartisan, fact-based content.

APM Survey: Question Composition, Analysis, and Nationally Representative Findings

The APM Survey is a periodic nationally representative survey designed to provide insights on what Americans (age 18+) think about important issues. Survey topics change depending on the news cycle, and are designed in collaboration with media partners.

Examples Of Our Work

Research >> National survey for The Water Main
Summary: We conducted a qualitative study of structured interviews in 11 regions across the United States to better understand how people relate to water and the role of water in their lives. Findings will inform a future nationally representative survey.
Partner: The Water Main 

Demographic Analysis >> 2017 Population Change Series
Summary: We wrote a blog series highlighting the latest trends in domestic migrationinternational migration, and natural change (births minus deaths) for all states, featuring interactive data visualizations that allow users to explore geographies and topics of greatest interest to them.
Partner: MPR News

Surveys >> Ground Level Survey of Minnesotans
Summary: We asked a representative survey of Minnesotan adults what they think about jobs, health care, immigration, politics, institutions they trust, and much more. We conducted extensive analysis; wrote briefs, white papers, blogs; and gave presentations and media interviews regarding the findings.
Partner: MPR News

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