Given the rapid economic, demographic, and political changes that the state has been through in recent years, MPR News wanted to better understand what is on the minds of Minnesotans. What divides us? What unites us? What are our common aspirations now in 2017? We explored these questions in the 2017 Ground Level Survey of Minnesotans.

In partnership with MPR News
In partnership with MPR News

With the help of SSRS, a nationally-renowned survey research firm, we asked a representative sample of more than 1,650 Minnesotans—from the Twin Cities and throughout Greater Minnesota and major regional centers—what they think about everything from their own personal finances to the future of our state. Their responses provide insights on jobs, health care, immigration, politics, and much more.

REPORTS (more coming soon):

Investigate major findings related to Minnesotans’ hopefulness, financial security, and sense of financial improvement compared to 10 years ago

Review which institutions Minnesotans trust the most—and least—by age, income, geography, political affiliation, and more


See the overall results from the 2017 Ground Level Survey of Minnesotans

Read open-ended (verbatim) responses from Minnesotans about the one thing they would like to see changed; their views on whether Minnesota is on the “right track” regarding immigration, health care, and the economy; and reasons they approve or disapprove of President Trump

Review how the geographic regions of the survey were defined and explore demographic, economic, and social differences across Minnesota that help to contextualize the Ground Level Survey results

Learn more about how the survey was conducted

Read media stories about Ground Level

Ground Level Survey
2017 Ground Level Survey of Minnesotans
The week of November 13th MPR News, in collaboration with the APM Research Lab, is launching “Ground Level” with a series of reports and conversations on several topics:

- Are Minnesotans feeling hopeful or fearful about the future?

- How much trust do we have in institutions like police and news media?

- Is the state on the wrong track or right track on immigration, health care, and mental health?  

MPR News will be reporting the stories behind the survey results from around the state, and hosting discussions on-air and on-line. The APM Research Lab will provide detailed analysis of the survey results.

The APM Research Lab wishes to thank the generous funders of this project.
Funding for this project was provided by the Blandin Foundation, the Bush Foundation, the McKnight Foundation, and the Knight Foundation Donor Advised Fund at The Miami Foundation, as well as donors and members of Minnesota Public Radio.

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